Robin Hood - Робин Гуд (1)

This school-year at our English out side reading lessons we had read many interesting stories about Robin Hood. The most interesting story is a story about Golden Arrow. In the 11th century England was conquered by the Normans who had come from the North of France. They began to take away lands and homes from the Saxons, the native popullation of the British Islands. The Saxons suffered very much from the Normans and hated their new masters. Many of them had to run away into the forests and become outlaws. There are many legends and songs about one of them – Robin Hood.

Robin Hood with his 300 men, so the legends say, lived in the Sherwood Forest, not far from the town of Nottingham. He often attacked the rich Normans, but he was a friend of the poor and helped them as much, as he could. The Sheriff of Nottingham wanted to catch Robin Hood. He journeyed to London to ask Prince John for help. Prince John said him that it was his work and he must did it quickly. The Sheriff did not argue but went back to Nottingham, angrier than ever. He was worried by what Prince John had said. As he was not a brave man, his thoughts soon turned to trickery. He decided to have a shooting match and hoped that Robin Hood and his men would appear there to try their luck. He decided to make a beautiful gold arrow as the prize for the best archer. He was right: when the news of the golden arrow travelled to Sherwood, Robin decided to enter the competition. But his friend david said him that it was only a trick of the Sheriff. Then Little John, robin’s great friend said that he had a plan. He decided to wear in different colours, because Sheriff expected to see them in green. And so, dressed in many colours Robin Hood and his men went to Nottingham. The sheriff was really looking for people in green. He thought Robin Hood wasn’t brave. The archery went on and Robin Hood, fine shot that he was, was better than all the rest, and carried off the golden arrow.

Some days later the Sheriff was seated at his dinner table and boasting that Robin was afraid to show his face in Nottingham. Suddenly, throught the window, flew an arrow. It came to the rest in the big fat goose. It had a message. The Sheriff read the message and understood that once again Robin Hood outwitted him.