My school - Моя школа (9)

My school is very big and not very old. It is named after V.V. Mayakovski.

On the ground floor there are several classrooms of English for the Primary school and workshops, a cloakroom and a canteen, a library and a headmaster office. There are a lot of interesting books in the library. In the library there are many portraits of famous Russian writers on the walls.

The classrooms of the first, second and the third form are on the first floor. But sometimes we spend there some breaks. My favorite classroom is the Biology classroom and English. Biology classroom is very beautiful, there are many flowers and animals there. And in English classroom there are not many tables, because our class is learned by three teachers. In our class there is a map of Great Britain. I like English, because it’s a subject I am interesting in. I like to learn new words, to dramatize texts and dialogues, discuss interesting things.

There are 500 pupils in our school. Some of them love our school but some of them thinks that it is a load of their life. I thought this way some years ago, but now I understand that all these ages I have spent in my school – the best ages in my life.

School year begin, as a rule, on the 1st of September and ends in May. It lasts 9 months: from September till May. We have 4 holidays a year. The Summer holidays are long. They last 3 months. The winter holidays are shorter, they lasts only two weeks. During the holidays we don’t study, we have a rest. We go to school every day except Sundays and Saturdays. On weekdays we work hard. On weekends we have a rest, as a rule.

All pupils of our school learn some foreign languages. All pupils of our class learn English and German or French (on their mind). At the lessons we check our hometasks. We ask and answer the questions, we read English texts and translate sentences both from English into Russian and from Russian into English. We describe pictures and speak on various topics. During the English lesson we do many exercises, we speak, read and write English. Sometimes we listen to the tapes. We don’t speak Russian in class. As I want to learn, to speak and to read English, I must be attentive in class and I must always prepare my homework.

Each lesson lasts forty minutes. During the breaks we just stand outside, talk, play and repeat our homework. We haven’t got lunch. But some students eat in the canteen, but most bring their own lunch. We usually have a lot of homework and it takes us several hours to do it. Sometimes we have to sit up to write a composition, to prepare a report or to learn a poem by heart.

I like my school, because I’ve got many friends there and I always remember: "Education bring a child the world".