My school - Моя школа (6)

I've been studying in my native school since the first form. Our school is considered to be one of the best in our city and I fully agree with that statement. That's why a lot of parents want their children to enter our school.

It is much easier to get to some universities after you've finished our school because of the good quality of education. Bright examples of it are the graduates of our school who have archived the great results in different fields of science.

One of the greatest advantages of our school is that all the tenth forms are divided into three grades, so that all pupils could choose the form the deeper studying of the subject he is interested in, which he considers to be of a vital importance for him.

Our school is one of the oldest in our city and we have celebrated the 70-th anniversary lately. It was a great holiday for all schoolchildren, graduates and teachers. Especially to the anniversary the new gym was built and the old one was repaired.

Though the school is old it's well equipped and it has all necessary facilities for studying: two computer classes, chemistry, physics, English labs, but I can't say that our school has no disadvantages. I wish all classrooms were modified with modern equipment, instruments, tables, schemes and models.

During the course of tuition we often have to make different reports and revues for our lessons. Of course the reading halls of our city libraries are at our disposal, but it would be more convenient if we had our own school reading hall with all reference books and dictionaries which are necessary for our work.