Youth subculture - Молодежная субкультура (1)

For many years youth in Russia was somehow suppressed and its ideas and thoughts were not taken into consideration. Nowadays it has more rights than before and is free to demonstrate itself as it wants but in the rules of a low, of course.

Youth has a lot of problems. On the one hand it is the problem of education – how to get a good one and that which will be necessary and worth in the future. The other problem is the problem of a good job with a good salary. It is not an easy thing to find one now. One should be a very good specialist for that.

One more problem also exists - it is the problem of communication with right people and companies. Teenagers are often influenced by so-called “bad guys” and begin to smoke, take drugs and drink. They do not listen to their parents. But this problem is solvable and parents should be a little more attentive to their children and correct their behaviour where possible.