William Shakespeare - Вильям Шекспир (4)

When to speak about world literature, then the name of William Shakespeare is the best to explain the real value of literature in the world of art.

William Shakespeare is generally regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist of English literature. He wrote 37 plays which continue to be read widely and produced frequently throughout the world.

Shakespeare was a master at creating a certain atmosphere of a play, its general mood or feeling. It could be melancholy, lively or frightening, tragic or mystical. The power and beauty of his language helped build the prevailing mood in each play.

Shakespeare's genius lays in his power of understanding human nature which is the same today, tomorrow and forever. He showed the world of men in its complexity and variety. His plays have the same powerful impact an audience today as they did when they were first staged. There is no writer who has touched the depth and height of characters as Shakespeare did.

There is a great joy in moving through a Shakespeare's play, living through the emotions of the characters, while reading a play or watching it. One experiences in one own being the troubles, tragedies, absurdities of the creatures created by that Great Imaginer.