Travelling - (8)

Have you ever asked yourself "What do I imagine when I hear travelling?"

The word "travelling" do not arouse lots of thoughts and memories to pay to in me. My experience in travelling is rather poor. Maybe I think so because most of my travel routes I have done hundreds of times during the year but in general I do not travel a lot.

What I imagine when I hear travelling? Do I imagine a highway, a road, or a narrow forest path? Do I imagine myself packing the luggage and in my usual way having forgotten something to take? Do I imagine scenery changing in one moment while riding a car or a train or, maybe, the peace of the nature during the walk? Do I imagine a holiday, rest or hardships and my stamina test? Do I imagine myself alone or with family, friends, in a noisy company?

These are the questions Im asking myself when I hear travelling. In my opinion travelling is careful preparation, when you are making yourself to take nothing more but you need. I long way to the aim that leads through the towns, forests and fields to have its end in a small pretty place you have chosen for a rest or a work. Travelling is a route through towns going sightseeing, through the forests admiring natures treasures, riding a van and loosing it all sleeping all the way. Happy you are the travel begins but happier you feel when you are again at home. Travel is a rest after which youll rest through next year, preparing to new adventures.

I wish I would have a chance to travel around the world. Such a travelling may be the greatest event in persons life. Firstly Ill visit France and its capital Paris.

France isnt very far from Belarus, so Ill chose travel by train. Here there are some reasons for it: you can enjoy splendid scenery and picturesque places, communicate with the companions, so you wont feel alone during the trip. And nowadays due to the technical progress trains become faster and faster and are comfortable enough to be a good travel service.

France is well known as a country of artists, fashion, perfumes and love. Paris is a particular city of France; its the capital of France, European fashion, art, city of unique people. Among its places worth sightseeing are Eiffel tower the cathedral of the Notre Dame, well known due to The Hunchback of Notre Dame written by Hugo, Louver. Louver is a great masterpiece in itself but more masterpieces it contains. Louver is the museum of worlds art, which is visited by each traveller. French Kitchen is also famous and, I think, nobody will deny to dine at a small restaurant when essence of love is dissolved in peaceful evening air.

The next point of my travelling will be the capital of the USA Washington.

Ill chose travel by sea among all ways of crossing Atlantic Ocean. Sea voyage have something romantic in it, moreover I never travelled by ship so itll be a new experience for me. Ship is rather slow way of travelling but do I have to hurry somewhere all the time?

Washington, D. C. is one of the most famous capitals of the world. Its known for its state buildings, the White House, US capitol, the Supreme Court building are among them, for plenty of memorials and museums dedicated to American heroes of the past. Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington memorials are great examples of warm feelings of Americans towards their heroes.

From Washington Ill fly to Tokyo, Japan.

Planes consider being the fastest and the most comfortable way of travelling as the most expensive one also. I cant deny that there are facts of air catastrophes but indeed air travelling is the safest of all ways of covering distances.

Japan had interested many Europeans since they discovered it, because of its special traditions and customs that survive in everyday life up to nowadays. Japan require from a visitor peculiar attention it itself because its easy to lose your head when enter the quite kingdom of nature after noisy and fast-moving town. Like in Tokyo that is one of the biggest industrial and economical centres of the world and contain such masterpieces of the past as the Imperial palace, that is open for visitors only on the 2nd of January, so maybe Ill have to arrange my plans accordingly, the Asakura Kannon temple, Meiji shrine with its gateway and many other.

I think that my travel will last to long if I visit more places in one time and the next travel point will be my home. I think that Paris, Washington, Tokyo are enough as for the first trip.