The problems of teenagers - Проблемы подростков (4)

Youth is the time when a person is trying to find his place in the world. And during this search he or she comes across different problems which are as important as those of the adults.

The youth of the 21st century face almost the same problems which were acute to their parents when they were young. One of them is a generation gap. Every generation is unique in its experience. It has its own ideals and a system of values concerning every aspect of human life. Adults always complain that the young people do not blindly accept the ideals of their parents. And this is inevitable as different generations take different directions. Grown-ups always teach the young how to live. But the latter want to live their own life. And it generates the conflict of the generations.

Another problem of the youth is the problem of love. Young people fall in love when they reach the age of Romeo and Juliet. Romanticism and idealism very often accompany the love of the young. It is regrettable, but the young are not always ready to have stable relations. For a happy family life two people must understand and respect each other.

It should be said, that the young have other problems as well. They are concerned with education (which is rather expensive), money, employment, hobby, spending, their free time, communication and the like. And of course, one of the most urgent problems is the accommodations problem. Not many young people in our country have their own apartments. In the main, they share the apartments with their parents even after getting married. As far as I know, many young Americans do not live with their families. They prefer to live in apartment blocks or residential areas where everyone is more or less of the same age.

One more problem should be stressed. It’s the problem of the youth unemployment. The number of young people looking for job is constantly increasing. They are looking for job not only for the sake of earning money, but because they want to be independent from their parents. Job gives the young people a chance to adjust themselves to the real life of adults and stir their ambitions. School-leavers can be part-time workers, seasonal workers and so on. In general, their job is not welcomed. Very often preference is given to adult people. I think that our government should work out some social employment programmers.

Our young people can be considered only a part of our society. So just the same problems our society is facing nowadays, are typical of the young people. They are drug-taking, alcohol, smoking, prostitution, hi-jacking, murders, stealing, kid-napping, robberies and the like. Young people are more violent then ever. Many people say that their lives have been made miserable by young people out on the street late at night. All those groups or subcultures are awful, because all of their members are violent. They only think about rebellion against society, its laws, they reject everything, they protest against their parents and school.

As for the American youth, their problems are connected with their beliefs and values. Hard work is part of the American Dream. To be a success is important in America. Society doesn’t like those who have achieved nothing. That’s why all young Americans want to work hard and be a success. The first step to it is a high diploma. Without it, it’s almost impossible to be successful. In order to get it you should compete.

And of course, communication can be one of the most important problems not only of the young Americans, but of all young people of today. If you don’t like noisy clubs and other places of entertainment, you can make friends without leaving your apartment. The Internet gives such an opportunity. But the problem is that people can sit at the displays for 24 hours without eating, sleeping, having a rest, working or learning properly. I am sure, that it’s a great problem of the present and future.