The problems of teenagers - Проблемы подростков (3)

Youth today has a lot of really difficult problems to solve. Many teenagers have to work but it is difficult for them to find a job. Everywhere skilled specialists are needed, so teenagers become unemployed. They want to earn their own money, that’s why some of them become robbers, thieves and killers. Teenagers want to work as waiters, barmen, sellers and etc. As a rule most of the teenagers don’t read serious classical literature.

The most great problem among youth is using alcohol, drugs, tobacco smoking. The man, who use alcohol or drugs lose his strength for the will, he brings suffering to his members of the family. Do you know that every year three million people die of smoking? Do you know that your life is 25% shorter if you smoke? But in Russia more than 76% smoke. If you want to be healthy and strong you should give up your bad habits. As for me I have no problems with it.