The problems of modern towns and villages - Проблемы современных городов и деревень

I cannot say that I am much of a specialist in the problems of our towns and villages but I try to enumerate some facts, which are on the surface and do my best to find some answers to all the questions. As far as our towns go the most important problems is the problem of ecology. Most of me plants produce much smog and pollute the atmosphere and nature in other ways. What is necessary for that is the immediate solution of these problems. Otherwise we are risking to die in a couple of centuries.

The other not less important problem of youth, which has been taking an immense size lately. On the one hand young people must study anywhere, on the other those who graduate must find a good job, which is not always possible.

There is also one more problem about the younger generation. It goes both for the town and the village, it is bad companies by which young boys and girls may be influenced. There are special committees, which solve these problems.

As far as problems of the village go I can say that the most important one is the problem of unemployment and alcohol. There are no working places in the village and very often there is no even hope to find them. That is why people drink and on the whole do nothing. Our government should do something about all these problems to make the situation in towns and villages better.