TV in Russia. My favorite TV programme - Телевидение в России. Моя любимая программа

Whichever way you look at it, TV has become a part of daily life, providing information and entertainment at the touch of a button. Statistic of a resent years have revealed that more than 60 % of the Russian people watch television for an average of two to three hours a day and that the television news alone is watched by 80 millions daily.

There are 6 channels to chose from: ORT, RTR, NTV, MTV, Culture programme, TV6. But still in Russia there are commercial channels and no commercials which are usually educational in nature, and advertising such as Culture programme.

The aim of some channels in Russia is to experiment and to please most different tastes and preferences: some quiz-shows and ‘soap-operas’ or long running sagas attract large number of viewers. It is used regularly to give information on everything from weather conditions to wildlife. There are a lot of kinds of programmes such as current affairs, documentaries, sports, films, plays, the arts, news, educational and variety shows.

As for me, my favourite programme is Akuna Matata on RTR, often on every Friday. On the one hand it is a very popular show, and on the other hand it is a serious programme in which the problems of teenagers are discussed. There is always a new hero of the problem with his own problem, character and view on the surrounding world. There are always two tribunes with old generation and with new generation, who express their opinions on the hero’s story. As you can see Akuna Matata is very is a valuable and informative TV programme. I think that the aim of this programme is to help teenagers to solve their problems and to cope with their difficulties. Old and new generations try to find new solutions to old problems of teenagers and they try to come to an agreement. Apart from its entertainment value, this programme provides useful topics for conversations. And, of cource, the talk-show host, is of great importance, her name is Maria Fillipenko.

Who is the right talk show host? There are several obvious answers. A good appearance is, naturally, of the 1st importance. This doesn’t mean good looks alone. The first assets are an attractive face and a reasonably good figure for a woman and the ability to hold himself well for a man. Next comes intelligence. It includes first a good understanding of the language, and a very large measure of common sense. In my opinion Maria Fillipenko possess all this qualities. Thank to such a good talk-show host, and serious problems of teenagers, which are discussed in Akuna Matata, this programme becomes more and more popular day by day.