Sport - Спорт (2)

People all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport keeps us fit, makes us healthy, more organized, better disciplined. It gives us a lot of pleasure, makes us stronger, and prolongs our life. But the great amount of people - both men and women don't realize the importance of sport in their life and keep ignoring them and continue (for instance) smoking and ruining their health and, finally, their lives.

Nowadays plenty of sport clubs and sections are organized in our city. All kinds of sports - tennis, badminton, track - and - field, figure skating, volleyball, basketball, football and many other are enjoyed people of all ages. During the last years shaping sections became very popular among women and girls. The effective occupation helps them to improve their figures, to become cheerful, healthy and bright.

Practically all kinds of sports are popular in our country, but football, hockey, figure skating and tennis got the greatest popularity. A lot of people are fond of jogging. In the morning and in the evening we can see people running in the parks, stadiums and in the streets.

Every city and town has a few stadiums and swimming pools where local competitions are usually held. Our city has few stadiums and swimming pools too and they are visited by the great amount of people.

Almost in every part of our country fishing is extremely popular. It is especially popular among elderly people. Winter fishing is extremely wide circulated in our native town because of the great continuation of the winter months. All water sports are also widespread including swimming, diving, sailing.

It's a pity but our school gives us only the opportunity to develop sport habits. I think that not much attention is paid to sports in our school, we don't have any sport club there and lack of exercise does children harm. I suggest that during our PT lessons we should go to the swimming pool especially because it is rather near. It will be also good if the sports ground, where pupils can spend their free time during the brakes and also in their spare time and on holidays because there is a lack of sport grounds in Archangelsk, would be built near our school.

In conclusion I'd like to say that each of us ought to devote more time to sports. Only sports can keep us fit and cheer us up and if you decided to give up your harmful habits it will help you to resurrect your health. As for me I like to go in for sports. I learned playing basketball for 4 years and before it I studied karate for 2 years. Every Sunday I play basketball with my friends and I'm successful in our PT lessons.