Problems of unemployment of young people - Проблемы безработицы молодых людей

I think that the problem of youth employment is very actual and must be solved as quick as possible.

Most of young people in Russia nowadays get higher education chiefly because it is in basion now. They all go to institutes or universities and even academies. But the quality of education nowadays leaves much to be desired. As a result the country will have a lot of specialists especially doctors, managers and lowers. But their quality will be very low. It is one problem.

The other problem is that of finding working places for such a great number of specialists. The Federal Government should do something about this problem. Creating those places for young people is the burning question now. There must be a lot of new plants, factories, hospitals and other enterprises to give jobs to all the graduates. But there is one more problem when people who leave one or institutions are not satisfied with the working conditions and work as other specialists. As a result they have only their diplomas but they do not work according to their professions. And it is also very bad. The government should provide good working conditions for some spheres, which are not popular (for example give more money and so on).

In Russia young people are still a little suppressed, they have complexes but abroad the life is quite different. Young people begin to work very early from the point of view of age, get more and more experience out of their work and have more possibilities to realize themselves.