O'Henry - О'Генри (2)

My favorite foreign writer is O'Henry. He was born in 1862. O'Henry is one of the most widely published American authors. His works have been translated into many languages. The best of his stories were published in books: ''Cabbages and Kings'', "The 4 million", "Heart of West" and others. His credo was - art should be true, democratic, it should address contemporary life and embrace all aspects of life.

O'Henry was an outstanding humorist. He worked out and enriched all the types of the short story: the anecdote, the adventure story, tales and sketches. He was most famous for his stories of city life. O'Henry wrote about 150 stories with a New York background.

In childhood I was deeply impressed by his story "The Last Leaf". Since then I bear in my heart the image of a young girl suffering from serious illness and her friends doing everything they can do to give her hope and bring her back to life. The author penetrates deeply into a person's soul and reveals its best qualities.

His love for humanity, for common people, for critical attitude towards injustice attracts readers to this day.