Newspapers - Газеты

The British people buy more newspapers per heard than people in most other countries. Newspapers in the UK are of two main types: quality papers or broadsheets and tabloids that are half the size of broadsheets. But the size is not the only thing that makes them different. The quality papers produce serious quality journalism, while the tabloids called "popular papers" have more sensational reporting style. Quality papers are "The Independent", "Financial Times", "Guardian", "Daily Telegraph". Tabloids are "The Sun", "Daily Mail", "Today" "Daily Sport", "Daily Mirror", "Daily Express".

Quality papers contain political, industrial and cultural news, develop pages to finance matters and business, have more writing then pictures, report in detail on serious news, and are interested in foreign news.

Tabloids contains sensational news about sport, the private lives of famous people, give information about concerts, cinema and theatre performances, report the latest scandals and gossip in the private life of the famous people.

In some countries newspapers are owned by government or by political parties. In Britain they are mostly owned by individuals or by publishing companies.

In the USA daily newspapers are published in 34 different languages. The "Wall St. Journal" is a quality paper. "The New York Times", "The Washington Post", and "The Los Angeles Times" are ranked as the world's top daily.