My food - Моя еда

I have usually meals four times a day. They are breakfast, lunch at the University (rare), dinner and supper.

Dinner is the substantial meal of a day. It consists of 3 courses. We can’t imagine Russian dinner without a plate of soup. The second course is meat and fish with potatoes, macaronis, with vegetable salad, for dessert we eat a glass of juice, compote or tea. Potatoes, pancakes, cereals are usually cooked in my family as for me I can prepare a fried egg or a scrambled egg, make fraid tea.

I am busy and spend much time at the University. Sometimes I eat here in the canteen or a snack bar cafe and restaurants offer a choice between the a la carte menu and the set menu or fixed-price menu.

Foods may be useful or unhealthy. High fat food, sweets are bad for our teeth, make us fat. Juice, fruit and vegetables, meat gives my energy, contain a lot of vitamins.

In order to stay healthy it’s important to have a balanced diet - in other words, food that contains something from each of the three main groups of food. These groups are protein, fat and carbohydrates.

English people have four meals: they are breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. In the morning they have breakfast. At 12 o’clock they lunch. Between 16 to 17 they have tea. In the evening they have dinner.

Dinner is the most substantial meal of a day. Fish and chips is a popular traditional British dish: fish deep-fried in batter, served with chips. On Christmas they usually eat roast turkey and Christmas pudding.

Well-educated people pay a lot of attention to good table manners. They are:

1. You should sit up straight.

2. You shouldn’t eat with your fingers.

3. You shouldn’t put your elbows on the table.

4. You shouldn’t put your dirty knife, spoon and fork on your plate.

5. You shouldn’t talk with your mouth full.

6. You shouldn’t lick your fingers.

7. If you are very hungry, you shouldn’t rush to your food.

8. You shouldn’t put more than one piece of bread or cake on your plate.

9. You should say "Thank you" after the meal.

I want my food would be well prepared taste, full of protein, vitamins, minerals and I am against drinking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs. I am for health habits.