My favorite sport - Мой любимый вид спорта

All kinds of sports and games are cultivated in our country as well as in England, the USA and other countries of the world. Tennis, hockey, volley-ball and football have become very popular in Russia.

Football is my favourite sport. The term "football" is understood differently in the US and Britain. For a Britisher "football" is the same as what is known to be "футбол" in our country. For an American "football" means "rugby", while the game usually played here in Russia is known as "soccer".

Soccer is played by two teams, equal in number, each consisting of eleven players. This is, properly speaking, genuine football, the ball being driven only by the feet. The eleven players take up their position on the field. The centre forward stands at the centre. On the right are the inside right and the outside right, on the left are the inside left and the outside left. The three half-backs are stationed behind the forward line. The goal is protected by the right back, the left back and the goalkeeper. No handling is allowed except by the goalkeeper. Excellent technique, flexible modern tactics and good teamwork are characteristic features of modern football.