My friend - Мой друг (6)

"No man is useless while he has a friend" - that statement describes our life most truthfully, which is full of hardships and difficulties, and where only your real friends can help you to be or to become someone, who is nothing, but a strong personality.

People can't live without communication. And that is why all people must have friends - people, who are willing to help them, who can help to overcome hardships. To my mind, generosity is the essence of friendship. And true friends are quite free from selfishness, envy, meanness, etc.

I wish people were more kind, generous to each other. If you were a kind person and were willing to help your friend in a trouble you would have a great amount of friends. To my mind, a real friend is a person, who never leaves you alone in you troubles, whom we can fully rely on, whom we can trust as ourselves, and who never say unpleasant things, which can hurt friend's feelings.

The famous poet said: "Change your pleasure, but not your friends". A person can meet a really true friend once or twice in his life. That's why friendship is the most valuable thing in the world. If you feel bad or if you want to tell somebody about your thoughts, you may come to your friend, who understands you, your problems, your thoughts, who will help as he can.

I have a lot of friends. I am sure that I can rely on them and I can trust them as myself. They are willing to help in my troubles as if they helped themselves. I consider myself to be a good friend, because my friends treat me rather good and it means that they want me to be their friend.

While man has at least one real friend he will be more useful, than the person, who hasn't friends. And the strength of friendship is in giving people opportunities to become better then they are now. If you don't have friends, you should better make friends. And remember - if you have the real friends you have a powerful support from them.