My friend - Мой друг (2)

I'd like to tell you a few words about my friend. My best friend's name is George. We made friends 9 years ago. We are of the same age and see each other almost every day.

George is a little shorter than I. He has got black hair, grew eyes,a straight nose and thin lips. He is very honest and just understanding and kind. I trust him a lot and I'm sure that I can rely on him in any situation. He never lets people down. He is really very responsible. He finishes whatever he starts. But he's got one shortcoming, he is a bit stubborn, nevertheless he is pleasant to deal with. George is quite talented. He's got a good ear for music and he draws very well. His hobby is collecting records because he is fond of listening to music. He likes pop music, some classical music, techno, rap. He himself says that he likes any good music. He also tries to find out everything about the singers he likes. That's why he reads different magazines and never misses MTV shows.

We spend a lot of time together. Sometimes we go to the disco or to the cinema or just sit at anybody's house and listen to music discussing different things. I've never quarreled with George. But if there is some misunderstanding between us we try to make peace as soon as possible. What I like best about him is that he is always willing to help and share his knowledge, thoughts, feelings. I respect him for his fairness, strong will, intellect and modesty. Our friendship helps me feel strong and sure of myself.