Levitan (Russian painter) - Левитан (русский художник)

Levitan was one of the first painters of Russian scenery to reveal its beauty. He is a real poet of the Russian countryside.

Levitan is a very special sort of painter. There is something is his landscapes that reflects our moods. He deeply felt what he wanted to depict. A master of landscape, he never introduced figures into it. Thought if you look at "The autumn in Sokolniky" you will notice the figure in the center. Everything seems to underline the loneliness of this figure: the trees loosing their leaves, the remote indifferent sky, the path going off into the distance. But the fact is that it was not Levitan who painted this figure. It was Chekhov's brother Nikolay who did it.

Levitan's influence over lyrical landscape painters can't be over estimated. His paintings have won the love and gratitude of people.