Internet in daily life - Интернет в ежедневной жизни

More and more people nowadays are interested to be known about all events, in taking some information quickly. With the help of Internet you can make it easily.

Back in the 1960th, at the time of cold war, Pentagon needed military systems that would continue to work even the phones and radio had broken down. In 1964 Paul Baran connected 4 computers in different parts of the USA and posted a message.

You couldn’t destroy Internet – if some computers will be broken down, the rest will work well. Nobody owns the Internet, and no organization controls its use.

Now millions of people around the world are logging into libraries, call up satellite weather photos, download computer programs and music, take part in discussion groups. Even the Presidents have their own Internet accounts. In fact, anyone with modem connected to the phone line can enjoy Internet.

The total number of people in Russia, who get into Internet, due the Putin’s statistics, is 10 million. In the modern Europe this number is much more – there are more than 200 million Internet users.

In future all technics will be connected to the Internet. Now we can connect with Internet mobile phone, photo camera, palm computers and even alarm clock. Now we can be connected with all the world everywhere – in the bus, underground and even on the north pole.