Environmental protection - Защита окружающей среды (3)

Environmental protection is one of the most urgent problems in the life of the whole mankind. Civilization brings about a great ecological damage. Life of people turned out to be the struggle for survival in the polluted environment. The worldwide measures must be taken to avert the danger of ecological catastrophe.

All the vital natural resources such as air, water and soil are being polluted daily by the harmful substances released into the atmosphere by industries. The air necessary for breathing is filled with smog, the exhaust fume, soot and dirt. Preservation of forests is absolutely necessary for purity of air.

Look at the busiest city streets in rush hours. Frequent traffic jams, noise of thousands cars harmfully affects the citizens of big cities. Humanity can't do without transport, so one must invent ecologically clean fuel and noiseless engines.

The threat of water pollution is no less dangerous. The amount of waste into the water must be reduced. In the polluted water fish dies first, people may die next.

People are obliged to protect nature. Protection of nature shouldn't be a temporal campaign but a number of effective purifying systems for cleaning harmful substances.