Ecology - Экология

In recent years the environmental problems have become extremely urgent and received a great publicity. In some way they are the result of scientific and technological progress of the 20-th century. But people also do a lot of harm to nature because they don't understand that the man is the part of environment. The relationship between man and nature has become one of the most vital problems facing civilization today.

Pollution of water and air is one of the problems millions of people are concerned today. Acid rains, unsaften of nuclear and hydraulic power stations, radioactive and other poisonous materials, disposal of wastes became the global disasters. Cars are one of the most harmful and dangerous polluters of air.

In more than a hundred towns and cities the concentration of harmful substances in the air and water is over 10 times the admissible level. Archangelsk is one of the most "dirty" towns of the country. The Nothern Dvina - our main water source is fully polluted with industrial and communal wastes - the result of side-effect in the work of three giant pulp and paper mills. Water is not suitable for drinking.

Another problem is presence of dangerous radioactive military objects and kosmodrom "Plesetsk". Besides we must remember about ozone holes over our heads. The ozone layer doesn't protect us from dangerous ultraviolet rays any more. They get through the atmosphere causing skin cancer and other diseases.

All these facts make us become more sensitive towards the environment. The trouble is that our local powers don't realize enough the danger of the situation and don't pay much attention and money for construction of cleansering enterprises. Various public organizations and unofficial movement make their best to change official and public opinion on the environmental problems. One of the most famous and strong organizations nowadays is "Green peace". I suppose the solution of the problem requires the cooperation the people's efforts in nature conservation.