Choosing a career - Выбор карьеры (5)

There are a lot of professions all over the world. Each man has his own choice. As for me I am interested in Law and Economics. School helps us to make a serious choice of occupation, but not only school, the appearence of many Institutes, Universities, Academies, colleges, politechnical schools help us in solving this difficult question.

When school pupils leave school they can try to continue their education. For that they have to take entrance examinations to the Institute or University they have chosen.

Also the participating in out-of-class activities helps us to choose our future career; because while this participating we can understand what is interesting for you and what is not.

At present the system of education in our country faces many problems with qualified teachers, with textbooks, school programmes, financial support of the state, ets., and it will take a long time to solve these problems, but I am sure, that soon this situation will be stabilized.

In all ages we must be very careful what we choose as a career, as a case of the whole life, and as a hobby. Interest to it can vanish suddently. Our occupation must not be boring for us, it must be interesting, it does not matter what sallary we’ll have, it is important, of course, but money is not the main human value, there are some other: to help the society, to be compatriots to the whole country. So we must exactly know what we want, know our interests, abilities, all pros and cons of chosen one.

If you don’t think about the future you don’t have one. It is true, because people who live for tommorow, who do not only think and speak about future, but take care of it, with many acquaintance.

First I began to think seriously about my future profession in the eigth form. Of course, parents helped me to make decision concerning my future plans. After school I want to become a student of the Academy of Economics and Right.

For those people who have the high qualification but couldn’t find the work there are a lot of labour exchanges.

Of course, choosing an occupation is a very difficult question but everybody has to solve it.