Choosing a career - Выбор карьеры (2)

Many students when they finish high school do not have a clear idea of what they want to do in future. Part of the problem is the size of the job market. With so many kinds of work (2000) how can you tell what will interest you? Some of the occupations are already overcrowded. In old industries there may be a little need of new workers, while new and growing industries will offer good jobs now and in the future. Finally how can you make the best use of you personal talents? Those who know themselves often find the best jobs.

Choosing a career is not easy for most people, yet it is one of the most important decisions you make in your life. It is of most importance to explore your choice of occupation from every angle, collect as much information as you can. Above all - evaluate yourself. Be sure you know your own interests and talents.

Unfortunately not everyone takes this trouble. Those who don't can make costly mistakes. For example many young people simply follow in the footsteps of their parents or relatives. But it is not always an appropriate step.

Postponing a decision is another error people make. A lot of young men think that way: "I'll get started tomorrow or next week or next year". These people refuse to face the problem, hoping it will go away. But if you don't make the first step now, how can you plan for the future?

Everyone has skills and talents but yours may not be so obvious. Make a list of your interests, your talents and abilities. Most people have a lot of these but they are undeveloped and may not seem outstanding. By concentrating on a few or on one you may surprise yourself and everyone with how good you can get.

When choosing a future career it is important to keep in the consideration the following things:

  • do you like meeting and dealing with people;

  • do you like to work inside;

  • do you enjoy thinking about problems;

  • do you enjoy working with your hands;

  • do you like working on you own;

  • do you enjoy being creative.

Analyzing all this will help not to make wrong choice.

The majority of jobs may be divided into several groups: clerical, scientific, practical, outdoor, creative and social. I can't say the exact group, in which my future occupation will be. Anyway I don't think that my future occupation is described in these groups. It can also be a mixture of different types of jobs. For example clerical and scientific.

I like meeting and dealing with people, and I'm quite sure, that it will help me in my future profession, whatever it is. I don't mind working inside, besides the weather in our region is very often not suitable for outdoor works. To tell the truth I do not enjoy working with my hands, I would prefer to think and solve different problems. I can't say that I enjoy working on my own, but often it can be pleasant and productive to work alone. I enjoy being creative, instead of feeling someone's authority on me.

I am quite confident in pointing the character features needed to my future occupation and to most of the occupations. These are: ability to learn quick, politeness, creativeness, accurateness, adaptability, friendliness, capability and others. You must also be a good team member. I think that in this or that degree I posses all these qualities, but some of them need to be developed.