Chita - Чита

It is generally accepted that Chita was founded in 1653, though this date is being disputed nowadays. The town was founded at the confluence of the Chita and the Ingoda rivers. Its position on the way to the Pacific Ocean was profitable and favored the development of the town. In the history of our country Chita was known as the centre of the former Far Eastern Republic.

The Chita Region was founded on the 26th of September, 1937 and Chita become its administrative centre. Today Chita is a big administrative, industrial and cultural centre consisting of 4 districts. Heavy and light engineering is well developed here. They are represented by such enterprises as machine building plant, a machine tool plant, an automobile works, a brick works, a footwear factory, a locomotive repair plant and so on. Many of them underwent transformation into joint-stock companies. The transport system is highly developed in our region. It’s most represented by the railways. The network of motor transport is also rather wide. The Chita Aviation Enterprise provides for passengers transportation, mail and express delivery in 31 districts of our Region.

Chita is a town of students. It gives specialized training to young people in the Pedagogical University, the Technical University, the Academy of National Economy, the Medical academy and four branches of other higher education establishments. There is a wide network of secondary schools in Chita. There are schools with extensive German, Chinese and English teaching. There are also music schools in Chita. Sport is very popular with the citizens of Chita. The stadiums with well equipped sports grounds, tennis courts and swimming pools provide excellent opportunities for those who go in for sports.

Chita has played its role in the development of culture in our country. There are several theatres, museums, studios in Chita. The Regional library named after Pushkin is a real feast for the eye. Over 20000 citizens regularly use this library, it contains 35000 various publications. Much is being done to preserve and restore many of our monuments of architecture, history and culture. The town has quite a number of sights worth seeing, including the Fine Arts Museum, the House of the Brothers Shumov, the Russian Army Officers’ Club, the memorial Complex, the Naryshkina’s House, Chita Orthodox Church and the Monument to Victims of Stalin’s repressions. Besides there are numerous private shops, commercial banks and firms.