The Republic of Belarus - Республика Беларусь (3)

The republic of Belarus has an area of 207 square kilometers and population of about 10 million. Its territory is almost equal to the territory of Great Britain.

It is a country of rich history and ancient culture. The name of Belarus or "Belaya Russ" was for the first time mentioned in the thirteenth century chronicles.

Belarus suffered greatly during World War II. It lost more than half its national wealth. The fascists destroyed and burnt its towns and villages, factories and plants, schools and hospitals. They killed every fourth person living in the Republic. Despite all this, Belarus has rebuilt its economy with the help of the fraternal Republics. Hundreds of industrial enterprises have been built in the country. Tremendous construction work is still going on in the Republic. Its industry produces tractors, big tip-up lorries, automatic lines, electronic computers and precision instruments, motorcycles, bicycles, refrigerators, television-sets, watches and textiles. Belarus exports its industrial products to more than 70 foreign countries.

The capital of the Republic of Belarus is Minsk - one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. It is the industrial, political and cultural center of the Republic. About two million people live in Minsk.