American Holidays - Американские праздники (2)

In the USA Constitution there is no provision for national holidays. Each state has the right to decide which holiday to observe. Many states have the holidays of their own. First is an Independent day. The 4th of July is the birthday of the US. On July, 4 1776, the American colonists declared their independence from GB and adopted the Declaration of Independence.

Another one is Memorial Day, it was first called Decoration Day. It is celebrated on the last Monday of May. After World War I ended in 1918, Decoration Day became a day to remember everyone who died, fighting in the US wars.

Thanksgiving day is celebrated on the forth Thursday of November. It was first celebrated in 1621 when the first settlers came to America. The Indians helped the first settlers to survive during the difficult winter. The Pilgrims celebrated the first harvest festival in November and invited the Indians to thank them.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31. Everyone tries to look scary on this day.

One of my favorite day is Valentine’s day. It is a day of love and friendship.