Unit 90 - Relative clauses (3) - whose, whom and where

(a) Whose

Мы употребляем whose в уточняющих частях предложения вместо his/her/their:

We saw some people


car had broken down

We saw some people


car had broken down.

Чаще всего мы употребляем whose, когда говорим о людях:

- A widow is a woman whose husband is dead. (her husband is dead)

- What's the name of the girl whose car you borrowed? (you borrowed her car)

- The other day I met someone whose brother I went to school with. (I went to school with his brother)

(b) Употребление whom вместо who возможно, когда оно выступает дополнением к глаголу в уточняющей части предложения (как в предложениях Unit 89):

- The man whom I wanted to see was away on holiday. (I wanted to see him)

Вы также можете употреблять whom с предлогами (to/from/with whom и т.д.):

- The girl with whom he fell in love left him after a few weeks. (he fell in love with her)

Однако мы редко употребляем whom. В разговорном английском who и that более предпочтительны. (Или же вы можете вообще опустить их - см. Unit 89):

- The man (who/that) I wanted to see ...

- The girl (who/that) he fell in love with ...

О whom см. также Unit 91 и Unit 92.

(c) Where

Когда уточняющая часть предложения говорит о местонахождении, вы можете употребить where:

the hotel - we stayed


- wasn't very clean

- The hotel


we stayed wasn't very clean.

- I recently went back to the town where I was born. (или `the town (that) I was born in')

- I would like to live in a country where there is plenty of sunshine.

(d) Мы употребляем that (или опускаем его), когда говорим the day/the year/the time (и т.д.):

- Do you still remember the day (that) we first met?

- The last time (that) I saw her, she looked very well.

- I haven't seen them since the year (that) they got married.

(e) Вы можете сказать the reason why something happens или the reason that something happens.

Вы также можете опустить why и that в этих предложениях:

- The reason (why/that) I'm phoning you is to invite you to a party.