Unit 89 - Relative clauses (2) cluses with or without who/that

(a) Взгляните еще раз на примеры из Unit 88:

- The man who lived next door was a sailor. (или `that lived')

- Where are the eggs that were in the fridge? (или `which were')

В этих предложениях who и that являются ПОДЛЕЖАЩИМИ, сказуемые которых находятся в уточняющей части предложения: мужчина живет по-соседству, яйца были в холодильнике. В этих предложениях who или that нельзя опускать.

Иногда who и that являются ДОПОЛНЕНИЯМИ при глаголах в уточняющей части предложения:

the man - I wanted to see him - was away on holiday

- The man who (или that) I wanted to see was away on holiday.

have you found the keys? - you lost them

- Have you found the keys that you lost?

Когда who или that являются глагольными дополнениями в уточняющей части предложения, тогда вы можете их опускать:

- The man I wanted to see was away on holiday.(но не `The man I wanted to see him was away on holiday.')

- Have you found the keys you lost? (но не `Have you found the keys you lost them?')

- The work Fred did was not difficult. (= the work that Fred did)

- The man Jess is going to marry is Italian. (= the man who/that Jess is going to marry)

- Is there anything I can do? (= is there anything that I can do?)

(b) В относительных придаточных предложениях часто употребляются предлоги (in/at/with и т.д.). Рассмотрите положение этих предлогов в следующих предложениях:

do you know the girl? - Tom is talking to her

- Do you know the girl (who/that) Tom is talking to?

the bed - I slept in it last night - wasn't very comfortable

- The bed (that) I slept in last night wasn't very comfortable.

- The man (who/that) I sat next to on the plane was very strange.

- Are these the letters (that) you couldn't find?

- The girl (who/that) he fell in love with lives in Pensacola.

(c) What не употребляется вместо that:

- Everything (that) he promised was done. (а не `everything what he promised')

- I gave her all the love (that) I had. (а не `all ... what I had')

What = the thing(s) that:

- Will he do what I said? (= the words that I said)

- No-one will learn what has happened. (= the thing that has happened)