Unit 72 - The (1)

О разнице между the и a/ an смотри Unit 71.

(a) The... употребляется, когда речь идет о чём-то существующем в единичном экземпляре.

- What is the highest mountain in the world?

- Madrid is the capital of Spain.

- The sun and the moon are planets.

- The only news I like is no news.

(b) The используется для: the ground, the sea, the country, the countryside.

- On Saturday the whole family went to the country.

- The ground was wet and dirty.

- The sea looked pale and pink in the sunset.

- I don't want to live near the sea all my life.

Но, если речь идет о морском путешествии, то говорят: go to sea/ be at sea.

- In his youth he went to sea. He spent ten years at sea altogether.

Сравните: space (а не the space), когда подразумевается космическое пространство.

- The rocket ship manoeuvred in space.


- I wanted to put the table between the window and the bed but the space was too small. (а не space)

(с) The используется со словами: the cinema, the theater, the radio, но television.

- We often go to the theater.

- When did you go to the cinema last?

- I don't like television, I prefer to listen to the radio. But my children watch television day and night. 

The обычно не употребляется со словами, обозначающими приёмы пищи.

- We had dinner at seven.

- What do you usually have for lunch?

A употребляется с самим существительным meal.

- Lucy had a meal in restaurant.

- Sometimes I like to go to a restaurant and have a nice meal.