Unit 110 - Even

(a) Рассмотрим пример:

Our football team lost yesterday. We all played badly.

Bill is our best player but yesterday even Bill played badly.

Мы используем even, чтобы сказать, что что-то необычно или удивительно. Мы говорим even Bill, потому что он хороший игрок и не в его стиле играть плохо. Если уж он играет плохо, то это, должно быть, плохой день для всей команды.

- These photographs aren't very good. Even I could take better photographs than these. (I'm certainly not a good photographer, so they must be bad.)

- It's a very rich country. Even the poorest people own cars. (so the rich people must be very rich)

- He always wears a coat - even in summer.

- Nobody would lend him the money - not even his best friend. (или Even his best friend wouldn't lend him the money.)

(b) Очень часто мы употребляем even с глаголом в середине предложения. (Подробнее см. Unit 106b):

- Don has travelled all over the world. He has even been to the Antarctic. (It's especially unusual to go to the Antarctic, so he must have travelled a lot.)

- He always wears a tie. He even wears a tie in bed!

- They are very rich. They even have their own private jet.

Вот еще ряд примеров с not even:

- I can't cook. I can't even boil an egg. (so I certainly can't, cook because boiling an egg is very simple)

- They weren't very friendly to us. They didn't even say hello.

- He's very fit. He's just run five miles and he's not even out of breath.

(c) Можно использовать even со сравнительной степенью (hotter/more surprised и т.д.):

- It was very hot yesterday but today it's even hotter.

- I got up at 6 o'clock but Jack got up even earlier.

- I knew I didn't have much money but I've got even less than I thought.

- I was surprised to get a letter from her. I was even more surprised when she appeared at my door the next day.

(d) Можно использовать even с if, when и though:

- I'll probably see you tomorrow. But even if I don't, we're sure to see each other before the week-end.

- He never shouts even when he's angry. (you expect people to shout when they are angry)

- He has bought a car even though he can't drive.

Об if и when см. Unit 9. Об even though см. Unit 109.