I___a CD for you at the shopping center.

a. buy
b. buys
c. bought

I___return your 10 dollars next week.

a. am
b. do
c. will

He___the first page of his book.

a. came
b. tore
c. broke

I'm late, but I___on time tomorrow.

a. came
b. come
c. will come

Did you___your room?

a. clean
b. will clean
c. cleaned

I often___the floor.

a. put away
b. sweep
c. cut


a. called
b. will call
c. call

Bob___his wallet in the classroom.

a. left
b. leaves
c. leave

I'd like to___a message.

a. call
b. ask
c. leave

I___dinner with my friend yesterday.

a. ate
b. eats
c. eat

I have often a car by myself.

My best friend with me last year.

I like to basketball.

My sister often shopping.

I wish I could have my car last weekend.

My father often enjoys .

Did you finish your homework?

My younger brother lunch with me every day.

One of my teachers to play the guitar.

Were you able yesterday afternoon?

She a headache for several hours.

I a movie when you called last night.

Do you think it tomorrow?

Where's Tom? He said he here at 4:30 PM.

If I so much coffee, I'd be able to sleep.

I recommend that Bob much more if he wants to pass all his classes.

I'm really looking forward to a vacation!

I'm hungry because I breakfast or lunch.

He can't send e-mail because he a modem for his computer.

By the time I got to Lucy's house, she for work.

By the end of the year, she___with a degree in business.

a. already graduates
b. will have already graduated
c. has already graduated

As soon as I___home, it started to rain heavily.

a. get
b. got
c. will have gotten

We___the chance to visit many museums in Paris last vacation.

a. had
b. had had
c. have had

I___on this project for days without success.

a. have been worked
b. have been working
c. had being worked

Don't worry. She___by herself.

a. is used to living
b. is used to live
c. used to living

I___hard until I pass the TOEFL.

a. will study
b. study
c. have studied

Next month we___our 5th wedding anniversary.

a. will be celebrated
b. will have been celebrating
c. will be celebrating

If you___it, give it a go.

a. didn't try
b. haven't tried
c. hadn't tried

I wish I___a millionaire so I could travel all over the world.

a. was
b. had been
c. were

He___to class this morning because he was sick.

a. didn't come
b. hadn't come
c. hasn't come

He___it on purpose.

a. denied having done
b. denied have done
c. denied done

Children___to free education.

a. should entitle
b. should be entitled
c. should to be entitled

___a UFO?

a. Did you ever see
b. Do you ever see
c. Have you ever seen

Whenever I___talk to my boss, I get butterflies in my stomach.

a. had to
b. will have to
c. have to

They___together for five years when they decided to get married.

a. had been
b. have been
c. were

While the reporter___the policeman, the robber escaped.

a. interviewing
b. was interviewing
c. had been interviewing

She___extremelly quiet since her husband died.

a. is
b. has been
c. was

If he___with his girlfriend, he___now.

a. hadn't broken up / wouldn't be suffering
b. hadn't broken up / wouldn't suffer
c. didn't break up / wouldn't be suffering

Tom___like chocolate ice cream.

a. doesn't
b. don't

I___understand, do you?

a. doesn't
b. don't

Dr. Watson___smoke, does he?

a. doesn't
b. don't

We___like classical music very much.

a. doesn't
b. don't

Sally said she___want it anymore.

a. doesn't
b. don't

Mr. Hill___live in New York. He lives in Boston.

a. doesn't
b. don't

Rice___grow in cold climates.

a. doesn't
b. don't

They like cofee, they___like tea.

a. doesn't
b. don't

We are new here. We___know him.

a. doesn't
b. don't

Harry has bad breath because he___brush his teeth very often.

a. doesn't
b. don't

We are rich so we___have to work.

a. doesn't
b. don't

Dave speaks English, French, and German, but he___speak Italian.

a. doesn't
b. don't

They___sell that brand anymore.

a. doesn't
b. don't

It is really a cheap restaurant, it___cost much to eat there.

a. doesn't
b. don't

I have a televison, but I___watch it often.

a. doesn't
b. don't

That kind of earthquake___happen often.

a. doesn't
b. don't

We live close to the sea, but we___go often.

a. doesn't
b. don't

I love sumo, but I___like boxing.

a. doesn't
b. don't

You___like me very much, do you?

a. doesn't
b. don't

My son___like skiing. He likes snowboarding now.

a. doesn't
b. don't

We___have time to do that on the way home.

a. doesn't
b. don't

She___four languages.

a. speak
b. speaks

Jane is a teacher. She___French.

a. teach
b. teaches

When the kettle___, will you make some tea?

a. boil
b. boils

I always___the window at night because it is cold.

a. close
b. closes

Those shoes___too much.

a. cost
b. costs

The food in Japan is expensive. It___a lot to live there.

a. cost
b. costs

His job is great because he___a lot of people.

a. meet
b. meets

He always___his car on Sundays.

a. wash
b. washes

My watch is broken and it___to be fixed again.

a. need
b. needs

I___to watch movies.

a. love
b. loves

I___to the cinema at least once a week.

a. go
b. goes

They never___tea in the morning.

a. drink
b. drinks

We both___to the radio in the morning.

a. listen
b. listens

He___a big wedding.

a. want
b. wants

George___too much so he's getting fat.

a. eat
b. eats

The earth___round the sun, doesn't it?

a. go
b. goes

The shops in England___at 9:00 in the morning.

a. open
b. opens

The post office___at 5:30 pm.

a. close
b. closes

Jackie___two children now.

a. has
b. have

Mr. Smith___too much. He always has a cigarette in his mouth.

a. smoke
b. smokes

When the phone___, please answer it.

a. ring
b. rings