Subject and Verb Agreement

The use of vitamin supplements and herbs (be)___becoming increasingly popular among Americans.

While many studies claim that vitamins and herbs can improve health, there (be)___a lot of controversy about their safety.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (do)___not regulate vitamins and herbs.

Most experts (believe)___that herbal supplements are mild and somewhat harmless.

Still, anyone who (take)___too much of a vitamin or herb could suffer negative side effects.

For example, some medical problems (have)___been linked to overuse of ephedra, an herb taken by people to lose weight.

Some research (suggest)___that Vitamin C may help prevent cancer.

People who (take)___more than 1,000 miligrams of vitamin C daily may experience diarrhea or kidney stones.

Advertisers say that the herb 'kava kava' (reduce)___anxiety and insomnia.

Using large amounts of kava kava (be)___not wise as muscle, eye or skin problems could result.

The danger of long-term use of vitamins and herbs (be)___still unknown.

There (be)___a lot of evidence that vitamin-rich foods are beneficial.

However, whether the use of supplements (be)___helpful or not is still being debated.

Most people (be)___able to get all the vitamins they need in the foods they eat.

A daily diet that (contain)___foods from the 4 groups should supply all the nutrients a person needs.

Eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily (be)___said to provide all the essential vitamins we require.

The best way to get the necessary vitamins and minerals (be)___naturally, through a healthy diet.

Talking to your doctor before taking supplements (be)___advisable.

The last questions on the test were very difficult.

John, as well as his younger brothers, is going to study at that school.

People from the South is very friendly.

Everyone need to be loved.

Part of the money goes to charity.

Statistics hasn't been revised as a course approach far too long.

You and I am supposed to clean the room before Mom gets home.

Either the President or the Vice has signed the document.

No news are good news.

Be careful. Grandma's scissors are very sharp.

Neither of the statements is false.

The police hasn't made any arrests lately.