Simple Past or Past Continuous

A: Hi, Mary. I___(see/neg.) you at school last Monday.

B: Hello, Bob. I___(come/neg.) on Monday. I wasn't___(feel) well, so I___(decide) to go to the doctor.

A: Oh!___(be) it serious?

B: No, the doctor___(examine) me and___(tell) me I___(have) the flu. He___(prescribe) some medicine and___(tell) me to go home and rest.

A:___you___(stay) home all day last Monday?

B: No, only in the morning. I___(have) to work in the afternoon, and guess what?

A: What?

B: When a friend___(drive) me home, he___(crash) his car. He___(see/neg.) the red light.

A:___anyone___(get) hurt?

B: Thank God, nobody___(do) .

A: I'm happy to hear that. Well, Mary, I have to rush now. While I___(listen) to your story, I___(remember) that my wife___(ask) me to go to the mechanic to get our car. See you later. Take care.

B: You too. Bye.