Reported Speech

Mary 'I love chocolate.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___chocolate.'

a. loved
b. loves
c. loving

Mary: 'I went skiing.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___skiing.'

a. went
b. had gone
c. have gone

Mary: 'I will eat steak for dinner.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___eat steak for dinner.'

a. willing
b. will
c. would

Mary: 'I have been to Sydney.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___to Sydney.'

a. had been
b. has been
c. was being

Mary: 'I have had three cars.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___three cars.

a. has
b. has had
c. had had

Mary: 'I'm going to go to Long Beach.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___going to go to Long Beach.'

a. is
b. was
c. went

Mary: 'I don't like spinach.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___like spinach.'

a. doesn't
b. don't
c. didn't

Mary: 'I have never been to London.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___never been to London.'

a. had
b. has
c. have

Mary: 'I was swimming.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___swimming.

a. has been
b. had been
c. have been

Mary: 'I had a cat.'
Jill: Mary said (that) she had___a cat.'

a. have
b. has
c. had

Mary: 'I can't swim.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___swim.'

a. can't
b. couldn't
c. can not

Mary: 'I won't buy a new car.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___by a new car.'

a. won't
b. will
c. wouldn't

Mary: 'I have to do my laundry.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she___to do her laundry.'

a. had
b. has
c. have

Mary: 'I will go downtown tomorrow.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she would go downtown___.'

a. on Friday
b. tomorrow
c. the following/next day

Mary: 'I am going to play tennis today.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she was going to play tennis___.'

a. that day
b. today
c. tomorrow

Mary: 'I went shopping yesterday.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she had gone shopping___.'

a. yesterday
b. the day before
c. on Saturday

Mary: 'I am enjoying life now.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she was enjoying life___.'

a. now
b. at that time
c. today

Mary: 'I will cook dinner later this evening.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she would cook dinner later___.

a. that evening
b. in the evening
c. this evening

Mary: 'I'm going to class in three hours.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she was going to class___.'

a. three hours before
b. three hours later
c. in three hours

Mary: 'I went to bed early last night.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she had gone to bed early___.'

a. the night before
b. last night
c. the night prior

Mary: 'I am going to go to London in 10 days.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she was going to go to London___.'

a. in 10 days
b. 10 days later
c. on Wednesday

Mary: 'I had lunch at noon.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she had had lunch___.

a. at 12 o'clock
b. at noon
c. that noon

Mary: 'I will play cards the day after tomorrow.'
Jill: Mary said (that) she would play cards___.'

a. in two days
b. on Thursday
c. two days later

Mary: 'I bought it three years ago.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she had bought it___.'

a. in three years
b. three years ago
c. three years before

Mr. Smith: 'Are you a student?'
'What did Mr. Smith say?'

Ms. Washington: 'What is your name?'
'What did Ms. Washington say?'

Teacher: 'Stand up, please, Maurice!'
'What did the teacher say?'

Mr. Brown: 'Don't speak now, Melissa!'
'What did Mr. Brown say?'

Miss Claymore: 'One month ago, I warned you to study for that test!'
'What did the Miss Claymore say?'

Mr. Jones: 'I will teach you how to do research on the Web.'
'What did the Mr. Jones say?'