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Текст песни Sympathy for David Icke

They call him crazy and they call him fool
They greet his name with ridicule
He says things that they don't like
But don't dismiss mr. icke

Let them curse and let them blow
They do not know what they do not know
They truth is like a lightening strike
But don't dismiss mr. icke

Before the protests fled your throat
Take a look at the book he wrote
It won't take up much of your time
It could change your life or even your mind
His taste in tracksuits may be bland
And the wisdom may outweigh the man
And his predictions may be shite
But don't dismiss mr. icke

I'm not saying he's the king
And he himself claims no such thing
He said we all are points of light
And you know what, I think he's right
So friends and neighbours far and near
Don't be swayed by lies and smears
Let them call him what they like
But don't dismiss mr. icke

Don't dismiss mr. icke

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