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Текст песни Only Heroes Live Forever

Ruthy is an artist, she's got oceans in her head
Doctor says you really shouldn't leave her alone
She throws her books -- all scattered cross the room
Graham greene sprawled out beside the rolling stones
Daddy doesn't understand but goes on paying the bills
Mother clears up after baby girl's spills
One break in communication and those clouds begin to fly
While ruthy goes on bleeding when is she going to realize
Only heroes live forever...

Tony is a dancer he's got to be one step ahead
Watch him show the new moves to the girls he meets
He bumps for the crowd at his apartment window
Rolls his hands in perfect time with his feet
Opens his shirt right to the waist
Throws on sun tan oil like wallpaper paste
Carries a copy of the carpetbaggers he thinks that makes him cool
Looks you straight in the mouth as he tells you you're just another fool
But only heroes live forever...

Me I'm an actor stickpaint on my face
Alibis in my pocket and costumes in my case
I use emotions I make them my tools
For I know well that rock'n'roll is in the hands of fools
And only heroes live forever...

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