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Текст песни I Know She's in The Building

I know she's in the building
I can feel it in my guts
Somewhere within these four walls
Is the woman that I love
The sweetest wild adventure
Hangs within my grasp
She's eternal, she's alive
And I've found her at last

I've left her notes and poems
Pinned them on the board
I listen for each step or voice
That passes by my door
I can feel the raw excitement
Bursting in my chest
I can feel my longing hands
Upon her firm and supple breast

Shifting within my thoughts dance
Inevitably to you, love
I'm enslaved and I'm entranced
By all you are and do, love

It'll soon be time for dinner
I know just where's she'll be
But I'll wait here for maybe she
Will come and call on me

She knows the room by number
She know who waits unseen
King pan, inflamed with love and joy
For her, his elfin queen

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