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Текст песни Higher in Time

The mountain is steep
The ditches are deep
The task in hand
Is making us weep
But here's a promise
(I intend to keep
That I mean to keep)
Seed it in your mind
And say it each night
Before you sleep:
We will climb higher in time

You've got a head full of trouble
And a ship to build
(you think you won't make it
But you know you will
You feel you need your
Cup refilled
Fill it out of mine
We'll drop the defenses,
Pool our skill
Your heart you're hiding
It's making you ill
You feel like you want to have your
Sporran refilled
Well, fill it out of mine
Let the soulful water
And we will climb higher in time

I've been to the bottom
I've been on the train
I've slept in the gutter
With my head in a drain
I've been brutally proud
I've been mortally shamed
But this is not a crime
I'm just learning, my friends,
That it's all in the game
And we will climb higher in time

Climb higher in time
Climb higher in time

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