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Текст песни Some Bomb Azz

Daz, come check it out
Nigga, where the carat, nigga?
Tear that ass up, yeah, honey you like that uh
Oh yeah, huh, oh, bust a nut, hold it, hold it
Oh, i'ma bust a nut in your motherfuckin mouth
Hold on, take this motherfucker
(ooooh, my pussy)
What the fuck then? i'ma bust that in your motherfucker
*both climax*
(I got the bomb)
Ooh, bitch you got some bomb azz pussy

Ooooh, you got some bomb
Bitch you got some bomb azz pussy (yeah I got some bomb azz pussy)
*repeat 4x*

The bar is closed, bitch you got some bomb azz pussy
Have you ever have you ever had some bomb pussy? *repeat 4x*

[snoop doggy dogg]
I took a trip to the other side of the planet
Fuckin hoes in japan didn't understand it
Joe cool is my witness and the homey style
Blowin saki part one, gettin buckwild
With some hoes from the other side of the globe
I mean this bitch pussy so tight it's fittin like a glove
Could it be a small case of puppy love you see?
(snoop doggy I love you) hey bitch you ain't in love with me

Now if I fucked yo' bitch, would a nigga trip?
Did you know your hoe's goin round blowin niggaz dicks?
Now would you trip? now trip I can, I go back
To when me and daz was chillin in atlanta
Atlanta was the place to be, see it was bitches and shit
We had a, show to go do down at the freaknik, we had a
Bitch, that was all up on our dicks
Cause she knew about the homey and she knew about the click
I'm kurupt, and that's dat nigga daz
And that's the homey el, so what's poppin with the azz
(snoop: got some bomb azz pussy)

Bitch you got some bomb azz pussy (snoop: I heard that)
(I got the bomb)
Bitch you got the bomb (snoop: shit, you got the bomb azz pussy)
(yeah I got the bomb)
I heard you got some bomb (snoop: my homeboy told me)
(yeah, I got that bomb)
Bitch you got the bomb (snoop: he said you got some bomb)
(yeah I got that bomb azz pussy, yeah give it here)
(snoop: oooh, shit you got some bomb azz pussy)
(yeah, I got the bomb)
(snoop: don't front, I know you got the bomb)
(yeah, I got the bomb)
(snoop: yeah, I smell it, can I inhale it? )
(uh-huh, I got the bomb)
(snoop: let you tell it, I know you got
Some bomb azz pussy)

[dat nigga daz]
You know sometimes
The pussy gets to callin me man
And the pussy be like daz...
And I respond to the pussy like, what's happenin?
And you can fuck me, and fuck my cousin
And fuck nate
Then fuck everyone of my motherfuckin homies, in the dpg

Now tell the homies what's happenin hoe, for real
Show me some sex and affection and lick me down slow ya know
That's what I want, that's what I need
Now I'd only satisfy you to fulfill my needs
The hoe get to suckin, five minutes later be get to fuckin
Now the hoe shocked, me just slipped off the rubber
I said oooh (oooh), noo (noo)
While I bust a hellified superfied nut, I had to go
Straight pimpin in the city, shakin ass and titties
Some bitches had the bomb puss, but some bitches didn't
Now have you ever...

(have you ever had some bomb azz pussy?
That make you wanna scream dogg pound) *repeat 4x*

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