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Текст песни If We All Gonna Fuck

I seen this ho, yeh what's up bitch
A nigga never knew that he could fuck so quick
Looney as the mutherfucka it's the d-o-g
The k-u-r-u-p-t and the d-a-z
Well a..you know how we treat ho's
Slammin on they back like dominos
On how I love love a bitch
Thats why a bitch ain't shit
Thats the reason why your main ho ate my dick
Eh yo she ate yo dick(uh huh)
She ate mines too/now what the fuck did me and d-a-z pursue
We served the ho's gin and juice
And we blazed up the sac/
Relax and chill the bitch didnt know how to act
[kurupt]now they all fucked up & theres a knock on the door
[daz]who is it?
[kurupt]it's my nigga snoop dogg wit a flock a ho's
[snoop dogg]
Man I brought dick suckin annie mae
Ass lickin sandy fae
Renee/cherl and this here is tanqueray
Ladies chill make yourself at home
Once again it's on

[kurupt]now if I fuck
[daz]and if style fuck
[snoop]yo and if snoop fuck
[all]then we all gon fuck

[kurupt]but if you fuck
[daz]and if dat nigga daz fuck
[snoop]and if he fuck
[kurupt]then we all gon fuck

[kurupt]now if I fuck
[daz]and if I fuck
[snoop]yo and if I fuck
[kurupt]then we all gon fuck

[kurupt]what if snoop fuck
[daz]and if I bust a nut
[snoop]and if I bust a nut
[kurupt]then we all gon fuck(beeatch)

Drip drop drop drip
Look at these ho's all over my dick
Tic toc toc tic
Ho's be talkin shit but steady gobblin dick

[daz]shit I'm surprised to see this bitch at the party
[kurupt]man I like that one I'd bet she'd eat a fat one
I bet I'd fuck that bitch(put that on somethin)
I see it in her eyes/i know what she be wantin(what)
The ho think I got a gang a endz
I could fuck her..and probly 20 a da bitch friends

Back off or jack off and quit that jaw jackin
And get my muthafuckin endz stackin
You know how my program flow(but I love you snoop dogg)
I don't love you ho

I see my cousin joe cool pull me to the side
And blaze us all high

Now why are we high as venus you see us floatin....

[daz]whole up...waz up?
[girl]waz up
[daz]where's thurman? ?
[girl]up in here
[daz]how many ho's y'all bringin over here
[girl]about 5 for each
[daz]where y'all at the freeway?
[girl]we on the freeway
[daz]damn..took y'all long enough we was jumpin like a mu when it
Was about 11 oclock
[girl]who the hell over there...kurupt over there? ?
[daz]yeah..me, dogg
[girl]is snoopy dogg over there? ?
[girl]well tell that nigga I said whole up we gon be there on
Them thang in a minute
[daz]aight so we gon be here
[girl]what? ? ?
[daz]we gon be here wit some more ho's chillin and relaxin
[girl]...thats right thats rightnone of us don't carry nuttin
..its goin down...down
Yo we all gon fuck

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