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Текст песни Karma Hotel

Ming xia

To the
To the

First verse

Karma hotel lobby and I'm lookin' for enlightenment
Concierge where can I go to find adventure and excitement
Played of all the casinos bars and orgies they bore me
Here's another twenty now what you got for me
He stared at me hard finally dipped in his drawer
Flipped the elevator keys and said go to the fourteenth floor
So in a flash I was there cold knock on the door
Bombarded by cigar smoke the smell of hell and war
And when the fog cleared the scene was like an eerie nightmare
Come in we've been waitin' on you for years
You wanted adventure now you got it boy don't show me no tears
This is the place where you face your desires and fears
In each of his hands was a revolver forty five in the left
Twenty two in his right
Russian roulette's the game tonight
And there's no escape so don't try to run
But I'll fill your life with bliss if you're alive once the death wheel has spun
Choose your gun
Gimme the forty five I said with a smile
Here's a shiny silver bullet might as well go out in style
Put one in the cylinder spun it aimed at my dome and slowly clicked it
Now I feel the adrenheline rush that's got me so addicted
Motivatin' me to play a second time then a third time
Fourth time I clicked and popped
Boom money shot
Next morning cops found me needle stickin' out my arm
Peep the drama another sad story at the karma

Chorus ming xia

Welcome to the karma hotel
Looks like heaven but could be hell
Where pleasant screams transform to yells
And every suite casts it's own spell


Second verse

Peep the gamblin' scene
Gettin' dough as he rambled the fiends
Exotic queens dancin' with tamborines
And the gambler's theme
One eye open one eye scopin'
Watchin' his gat watchin' his back
Watchin' his stack watchin' his wrap
Watchin' his deck as people notice like
Oh shit nbsp boy just won a hundred grand
Where nbsp where nbsp nbsp oh my God at table seven did you see him yet
Look at his chips all that green growin' like chia pets
Two out the handle and he can't stop
The more and more the fans flock the more the dice out his hands drop
Walk in the room he's bettin' and makin' money and every table
Women are sweatin' him like he was james bond or joe david
Yeah he's satisfied he's in his element now
To do this for the rest of his life is how it's goin' down
So it seems like he got his whole shit set
But his son is gangbangin' in the park holdin' a rain check
Meanwhile somehow somethin' is kinda eerie
About this place that he seems to be payin' a permanent visit to
Every face he sees expressionless like a mannequin
He really wants to leave but stays cool to avoid panickin'
He's gettin' the same attention but somethin' seems sorta different
He's wrinklin' up losin' weight and his body's startin' to stiffen
Now he notices years have passed in one night
He made more cash than we could imagine but never lived life


Third verse ming xia amp

Ming xia

Since we're all trapped in peace guys see you later
I'ma go to that red door near the elevator
Triple nines on nails danglin' off the door
Excuse me sir I didn't notice you before

Pleased to meet you macristo's the name
Pretty young thing
Come into my room I'd like to play a game it's called doom
Beat the friends and family
Gotta give yourself to me
By the way what's your name

Ming xia


Check the scenery

Ming xia

Looks so happy at the same time
The way they're entwined seems so good it's a crime

Believe in me as I believe in you live it up tonight

Ming xia

Well fuck it I feel I've got all of my life

So true pleasure and pain transform lust to thrust
One night stands of hot sex the bottle entrusts

Ming xia

Oooh invitation accepted too good to reject it
So I join in unprotected

Expected one life to live don't respect it

Ming xia

Respect what

Ooh you poor child you've been neglected

Ming xia

Cristo why do I feel so cold
It's like each time I climax you take a piece of my soul

You could never leave you made a pact with the devil himself
Infected in my family of trust my daughter of lust

Ming xia

So what you're tellin' me is I can't leave
And I'm trapped here for eternity


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