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Текст песни I Got U

Chorus x 4
One two
Bless you
I got you
Caught you and taught you

J d
Matter fact here take two
Pits of flesh political palm picked and gone
Spooks with uz' ice picks blades and tools
Listen fool the revolution is cool
We leave clans in pools of blood
Let 'em all scrub to thug
Bustin' for love and mud and bloody rugs
Screamin' on cats we spit in your face blast back
The spooks put politicians in bags and

Ay yo my crew chased you down outside your compound
Now we got you in the four point hold on the ground
Whoop hand me that barbed wire now your arms and legs are bound
Hey vengeance pass me that scalpel now
Relax close your eyes as the sound of my voice penetrates
Submission is your only choice to avoid the pain
'cause I don't want no lip as I slip this microchip in your brain

Water water
Go 'head look I know you're thinkin' who's behind me
Oh my God it's water water and no one's ever gonna find me
I got your brains pushin' head in the frame
In a case not far over head of the flames
Hangin' over the fire I know y'all hope I retire
But all y'all gettin' is open fire
Ga ga spray down stay down lay down
Y'all niggas said we was commercial what y'all gon' say now

Chorus x 4

J d
Rectangle sugar shane pound mc's and mangle
Bending you back and bitch spank you
A grammy fuck you talkin' 'bout I'm tappin' your chin
See you at a club for no reason tap it again
This ball bully mc's we buildin' 'em greek
Large like tiger wood's teeth when chewin' on beef
Take you 'round the block bring you back tie the knots
He bitch man slap your whole block moms and pops

I ain't gon' lie though brothers got a lotta bravado
But can't back it up with the skills they playin' lotto
With they careers when they step to me on the streets
On stage or over beats you can't engage the heat
]from this etherial thriller mysterious serving guerilla
Stalk you with the sick precision of a serial killer
Record your routine I watch you from the day to the night
Calculatin' when it might be the best time to strike

Water water
They keep callin' my name
Water water come smack the whack in the back
With a louisville ax slugger
Then slash the jugular
Hit your back rawdog with no rubber
He's a dirty mawfucka
Won't last long that's what my momma turned and told my daddy when I was born
I got your neck in a noose damn right I'm flexin' my juice
Shut your mouth nigga that's an excuse

Chrous x 4

What which one of you manufactured rappers
With the materialistic naive egotistical fan base
Has the nerve to be offended
What you gon' do dis me
Go 'head rhyme kick a verse I dare ya
Oh I know it scares ya
A bangin' beat a empty room a full pen and a blank pad
But don't get mad cause you don't know what the fuck you doin'
Go 'head freestyle punk wait before you start
I know somebody done told you that a freestyle's the reciting of a rhyme
That hasn't been recorded or put on the market
But when you write that rhyme down that's a record of the rhyme
That rhyme's been recorded so don't even start that shit
A true freestyle's a rhyme or verse kicked from the dome
Simultaneous and timed to a beat
Where mistakes are made you got bleeps and all the time
But these are the things that makes a freestyle so unique
]from a precorded practiced or writen rhyme
Now what you gon' do
If your response is I know he ain't talkin' about me
I'm talkin' about you
So fuck you to a break beat bitch I got u

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