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Текст песни Niggas Gonna Die

I just wanna move mad bricks
For all the days I never had shit
Now I'm young heartless and rich
Pistols and pussy, straight from the door
Brown paper bags full of blood money, need more
Too much ain't enough
High off dust, greed never endin
Catchin bodies I want gotti was supposed to be
It's overwhelmin
Face smothered in cocaine, against all odds
Life is what you make it, well I made it
Leavin motherfuckers naked
I get excited watchin niggaz bleed helplessly
Put 'em out they misery, selflessly
A coward dies a thousand deaths
I got a thousand tecs
Takin niggaz with me when I got, fo'rilla
I'll probably be all pissu when I blow, fo'rilla
Adrenaline rushin blood bushin
It's nothin long as I'm bustin
All gangstas is dead, or in jail
Except for me I posted bail, all hail

[chorus 2x: shyne]
Money be the root of all evil, calico desert eagles
Bitch I'm comin to see you, all you niggas gon' die
Motherfucker die

Fast cars and plea bargains, pictchin niggaz wigs
Have they families donatin they fuckin organs
What you like, stress you up, press your luck
Better hope you hit seven or find yourself in heaven
Lost my conscience somewhere in between
Watchin niggaz die and leavin the murder scene
Hot gun in my waist, stockin over my face
And I tell you niggaz this, I never miss, check it
My point of view is me or you
And i'ma burn anyway, what the fuck? bust
Seventeen shots up in your guts, truck blood drippin
Dead on arrival, leavin my rivals
Lookin up at the clouds
The prodigal son, seein demons and devils
Through the reflection, of my watch bezel
Embezzle, and racket, full metal, jackets
Poppin heat and, seekin, niggaz die internal bleedin
Hear mom screamin, bury shyne
Cause when I come, motherfuckers all die

[chorus] - 3x {*to fade*}

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