S : SHEDAISY : Sweet Right Here - 2004

Текст песни Love Goes On

When I said I love you, baby
You said knock on wood
I'm afraid I knocked harder
ThanI probably should
Those mockingbird words got away from me
Wish I could take them back, yeah

I wonder how you've been
Since we kissed good-bye
'Cause the grass ain't any greener here on my side
I thought the broken pieces would all blow away
When the season changed
But nothing's changed

The alarm still rings at five-fifteen
The day goes off like a rifle
Mrs.Jones next door is still extreme
Goes on and on about the Bible
What comes around still goes around
Sun comes up, sun goes down
And love goes on
Yeah, love goes on when you're gone

If we ran into each other,wonder what I's say
Baby, please come home
Or, looks like rain today
Heard you're moving to Denver
No, I'd never had guessed
Or would I just confess


It's an ache in the bones,
It's a ghost in the trees
It's the one little tear that could fill up the sea
I happened to you, you happened to me
But now that's gone

And love goes on, yeah love goes on
I said, love goes on
And love goes on and on and on and on


Yeah, when you're gone
(it's an ache in the bones- it's a ghost in the trees)
Yeah, yeah when you're gone
(It's the one little tear that could fill up the sea)

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