S : SHAWN MULLINS : Vol. 1-jeff's Last Dance - 1996

Текст песни Same Old Thing

You've got your mind made up
Your heart's in a song
No pot to piss in
But a voice of your own
You can take it anywhere
This road leads you down
Any old ghost town
I hope it's all that you want it to be
Sometimes it is for me
Sometimes it ain't
Life's a lot like a ferris wheel
It's a hell of a thrill
But it just does the same old thing
You paint yourself a picture
That only you can see
Where the blue of the sky
Melts into the green of the sea
Let the wind fill your sail
And carry you along
Sail on
Sail on
Just remember that you've chosen this way
That's the price you pay
You're living your own life
No destination has been set for you
So take your green and blues
And sail on our of sight
They'll try to get you caught up
In your own little web
Spinning out your demons
With a price on your head
They'll try to take your faith away
You got to stand tall
Keep on singing your song

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