S : SHAWN MULLINS : First Ten Years - 1999

Текст песни Cycle of Our Souls

Let me touch you
Put my hands on you
I'll kiss you
And we'll see things through
Would you lay with me
Would you lay with me
Till the sun peaks through the blinds
We can stay right here
Till our heads are clear
We can lose all track of time
You are slienced by your memory
And if I lose you
I lose a part of me
I can save the world
I can save the world
But I just can't save myself
So I write these lines
Metaphores and rhymes
Till I think of something else
Is there really nothing else
I am here now
You've got the best of me
So go ahead now
Take the rest of me
There are two of us
There are two of us
It's the cycle of our souls
Yet we try and change
And rearrange the way the story goes
That's the way th story goes...

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