S : SHAWN MULLINS : Eggshells - 1996

Текст песни This One's for The Majors

If the timing's right
No need to worry about what's right and what is wrong
And if the market's right
We can sell the livin' hell out of your song
Cause I know what they wanna hear
Yea I can see the light
But just a few adjustments dear
Change the way you sing
The way you play
The way you write
And if my mood is right
I'll give you money or support whichever's less
Not sure the image is right
I think for starters we should put you in a dress
Cause we are patrons of the arts
Yea we believe in you and what it is you do
But just remember parts is parts
We'll see what sticks
I hope for your sake it will be you
And if the price was right
I'd sell the soul of my own mother in a shake
And that I can't deny
I wonder how much money could I make
What are you complaining for
It's simply economics
You still got your vocal chords
So get the hell out of my office
And write me some hits,
Write me some hits,
I don't hear no hits,
I don't hear no hits...

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