Текст песни Your Last Friend in This Town

( with moonshake )

Well, my clothes are my badge of business
My associates are satellites
My product's all that you deserve
The last ditch my merchandise
The only shelter you have found
I'm a rumour goes round
And I'm your last friend in this town

Saw you coming from miles away
Whites of your eyes as clear as day
I'm a voice fading in from the general hum
You wouldn't believe things I have done
I'm the only safety net around
You slipped and you're going down
And I'm your last friend in this town

Last friend now
In this town

Well, one day you'll learn how to read a face
When you find your final resting place
And when you've learnt all the tricks of the trade
In my image, you'll be made
You'll be out in the hunting ground
Preying on weaknesses you've found
With your last friend in this town.

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