Текст песни We're Making War

( with moonshake )

We're making war, lover
We are not getting on
I will not change to keep the peace
You won't admit you're wrong
I've got a bellyful of grudges and I will not let them out
The wreckage of your previous life
You will not sort it out

The dirt we keep on raking
The giving up, the taking
And we keep on making war, darling
The stand off is coming
The wounds should heal without a scar
But the stitches keep on breaking
And you keep on phoning
And I keep on moaning
And we keep on making war

Sweetheart, destroying our best laid plans
I will not explain myself and you refuse to understand
Our friends all become traitors as we wave our piece of paper
The ammunition's loaded
And the troops are at the border
But I might be bluffing
And you might be faking
But we keep making war

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